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A Vegan Chinese Wedding banquet? Yes, can you tell all the dishes are vegan?

December, 2017

When I read the news on the Chinese Online Media, I was utterly surprised as Chinese are not exactly known for vegan/vegetarian food culture. I perceive this as an advancement in people’s consciousness and would like to share with you the article below. Can you tell all the dishes are vegan? Do you find them appealing? 

Can you tell all these dishes are vegan? and Do you find them appealing?

The Bride of the wedding said that the inspiration was from her mother. She is vegan and as the trend of veganism is very hot now, they made their wedding banquet all vegan.

It was not an easy process to make this come true. The hosting restaurant has trained the chefs specifically for this wedding in another city. Though vegan meals may seem to be cheaper, one table of this wedding banquet costs more than 200 Euro’s. 

Can you tell these are vegan?  The bride and her husband were afraid that the guests would not like them, however it came with a lovely surprise that the feedback were rather positive! It became popular news. Some volks from the city have expressed that this can be a nice idea but veganism/vegetarianism should not be pushed. What do you think?   We at The Panda Tribe, love this unconventional idea!!        
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