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Author: Elizabeth W.

How have I been helping others to live sustainably around the world?

Our guest writer Elizabeth W. has made some contributions to our website. Today she will tell us about how she spreads the love and passion for sustainability to help others achieve their sustainable goals:

“Whatever the problems or challenges you face, you can begin to move towards the life you want to lead. You won’t get there overnight, but at least you will know you are taking the first steps – and each and every one of those steps is a little success story.

The inspire you with the change that is possible, here are five success stories from around the world.

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Sustainable Living: Practical Ways to Save Energy in the Home

Sustainable living can sometimes feel like it is something that is possible only for those lucky enough to have the space and money to achieve their green dreams. But anyone can live more sustainably. It is all about taking the initiative and carrying out a series of small, practical steps to reduce your carbon footprint and be little kinder to the planet – many of those steps cost next to nothing and most are things you can do right now.

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Eco-Friendly Ways to Use Household Waste In Your Garden

Living a sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical life will not only help our planet, it will also help us. Using renewable resources and reducing consumption, renewing the old and recycling what we can, will make us happier, save us money and allow us to live much fuller and richer lives. But when you are making the transition to a more conscientious way of life, it can be difficult to know how and where to begin.

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