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Author: Juannia Z.

My Sustainable Story – Elizabeth Waddington

2 April, 2018 LIFESTYLE I’ve always wanted to live a life that was connected to nature. Since I was a child I have enjoyed spending time outdoors surrounded by plants and animals. It was not until I got to university however that I really began to think about growing food and studying philosophy meant that the ethics of how we are treating our planet became really important to me. I began to think more deeply about our planet and our way of life, and read deeply about permaculture and green living. I met my husband and we both felt...

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BnB Home by Anita, is it the most sustainable BnB in The Netherlands?

2 March, 2018 GREENEURSHIP Anita is the owner of BnB Home by Anita in Almere. She is a super host on AirBnB with over 259 reviews. This is a story of a determined woman with a dream, in a very inspiring city. Why? Find out below.  “Having everything second-hand was and is a priority.“ 🐼: Could you tell us the story how your entrepreneurial & sustainable journey started? 👩: When I was a small girl, I learned sustainability from my Dad as he inspired me through his garden and homegrown vegetables. I also went to the flea market with him...

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Pleasure time showering the elephants in Thailand? or pain

17 February, 2018 GREENEURSHIP Gui, (, a top notch graphic designer from Brazil ,  has relocated to Amsterdam from Sunny Sydney. We met when we both stayed at Home by Anita in Almere. We came across different topics while chatting, one of the topics we discussed was the animal wellbeing, specifically the elephants in Thailand. Today it is absolutely my pleasure and honour to interview him more in detail on this topic. Gui, loved elephants as a kid, and uses the image of elephants as the logo for his company. According to him, elephants are the perfect representation for...

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Musician,also a social entrepreneur? Why? Find out in the interview with Liron man now!

17 January, 2018 GREENEURSHIP From an early age, music had been grown on Liron via piano and other instruments. By continuously pursuing his passion, his heart has lead him to handpan and Flamenco Guitar. At the age of 19, Liron started to performe and produce together with Israeli finest artists such as Sanya Kroitor, Shlomo Gronich and more. From these collaborations he wanted to follow his heart to find his own truth in music, which later has been expressed by mainly two instruments, Handpan & Flamenco Guitar.With Handpan, he has got the recognition of The Fastest Handpan Player in...

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