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Author: Juannia Z.

A minimalistic way to lift up your mood? Look No Further.

Photo by Katie Montgomery on Unsplash 10 January, 2017 HEALTH HEART Minimalistic Ways of Mood Lifting in Winter  Look, we get it. These winter blues are easy to bring people down. We feel that too. If you are on the sunny side of the planet at the moment such as New Zealand and Australia, it is another story. Or if you are a consistently positive person who loves winter, you will be riding the winter wave easily. Anyway, many people resist winter due to various reasons. One reason is the lack of sunshine and one is lack of feasibility to move around...

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Interview with Kees van Rengs, the co-founder of Plennid

Last December we had the honour to interview Kees van Rengs, the founder of Plennid (Rotterdam, NL). Why did we interview him? He is in our age and have remarkable ambition and vision, that go beyong our age 😁 . Entrepreneurship is of course not restricted to age or gender, but we hope his story can inspire you, if you are on a similar path! For you to learn more, at the end of the article, there is a 20-minute interview he did with Impact 2025, subbed by us. If you are getting something out of these two interviews, we (The Panda Tribe and Plennid) are more than happy 😊. 

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5 reasons to love pumpkin seeds? Minimal input and maximal output!

25 December, 2017 HEALTH During holiday seasons we are often stuffed with a ton of foods, which is not necessarily good for us. What is healthy for us then? Today, we share with you one food that gives you so much goodie even with small quantity: Pumpkin Seeds. Check the 5 reasons to love pumpkin seeds below. “Today we share with you one food that give you so much goodie even with small quantity: Pumpkin Seeds.“ Source of Protein Every 100 grams of pumpkin seeds contain around 30 grams of protein. This is an excellent* source for protein especially for vegan and vegetarians...

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A Vegan Chinese Wedding banquet? Yes, can you tell all the dishes are vegan?

25 December, 2017 HEALTH When I read the news on the Chinese Online Media, I was utterly surprised as Chinese are not exactly known for vegan/vegetarian food culture. I perceive this as an advancement in people’s consciousness and would like to share with you the article below. Can you tell all the dishes are vegan? Do you find them appealing?  “Can you tell all these dishes are vegan? and Do you find them appealing?“ The Bride of the wedding said that the inspiration was from her mother. She is vegan and as the trend of veganism is very hot...

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Interview with Elsa, Go Zero Waste Founder from China!

Going zero waste? Yes, we heard that. How about going waste in China? Recently we had the fortune to interview one of the Chinese “pioneers” in zero waste, Elsa, the founder of Go Zero Waste(China). Her zero-waste stories have been featured in major Chinese online media such as Douban, 163, etc. reaching thousands of people. And at this moment she is establishing go-zero-waste “stations” in major cities in China to advocate the lifestyle of Zero Waste. Aren’t you at least a little bit curious about her journey? Please follow us through this interview.Seriously we were so inspired by this story and were full of positive energy after the interview. It was a kick!!! We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we have had!

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