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Easiest Ways to Recycle

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September, 2017






Reduce, re-use, re-purpose, recycle. All very important buzz words in our society that will be with us for a long time to come. All the ‘re’ words are reminding us to find another use for items before we toss them into the trash. It’s good for our budget, for our planet and for future generations. But where and how do we get started (and continue) to recycle our used items?  Start small and make it fun are two of the easiest ways to recycle.

Start Small

If recycling bins are easy to access, chances are more of the family’s waste paper and plastics will get deposited in them instead of tossed in the trash. However, if the recycle bins are too large and get in your way, or if you have too many of them, the family recycling commitment is not going to last.

Start small with a couple of re-purposed cardboard boxes. Clearly label each box with a magic marker (aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newspaper, etc.) and place the boxes in a convenient location that does not impede normal foot traffic in the room.

As the boxes become full they can be emptied into larger bins or bags that are kept in a garage or other out-of-the-way location or taken to your local recycle center.

Get Kids Involved

Get kids involved in the recycling activities in your home. Put children in charge of crushing aluminum cans and collecting used paper for recycling.

Make a game out of coming up with new uses for old items. Kids can come up with some amazing and creative ideas if a little competition is inserted into game.

Reward kids with money earned from their recycling endeavors. Save the money for a family vacation or other family treat as an incentive to get and keep kids involved in finding new uses for unwanted items.

New Purchases

Another easy way to recycle is by purchasing items made from recycled material. Many new items are made recycled material that has been saved from the landfill.

Any time an item is needed or wanted, before making a new purchase, look around your home to see if you have anything on hand that could be transformed to meet the need.

And when you do go shopping, take along re-usable cloth bags to prevent the waste of plastic bags.

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