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How Has Meditation Been Changing My Life?

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September, 2017



The reason for using the tense of the present perfect continuous is that meditation has been truly influencing me everyday and will be without no doubt. It all started with a casual chat between me and a friend.

“…..after I do meditation everyday…” my friend casually brought it up as a daily routine; it evoked my curiosity, “ seriously, you do it everyday?? How is your experience? Is it effective?”

“ Yeah of course, it makes my life easier.” He continued,

“How? How does it work?” I was hoping for some spectacular and eye-opening answers.

“ It just does.” He said with a breeze of wind yet struck me enough motivation that I started myself on the same day, and until today.

“As the journey itself, it taught me life is really a journey”

I know meditation for years now but I was always a bit skeptical about the whole concept of mindfulness or meditation (I will explain the concepts in another article) and assumed it was just some fluffy ideology. I tried a few times and the effect was rather oblivious. Why my friend has successfully persuaded me is that the respect I have had for his character of being in the moment and calm yet very courageous to explore lovely places in the world. He is one of the most free spirits I know and he often seems to get what he wants. So his power of persuasion to me becomes very high after knowing his experiences. Ha, I believe there are certain peeps on your mind right now?

Back to the topic, I believe the benefits will accumulate with time. At the beginning, they are rather unnoticeable for me, but throughout the period, I became more aware and grateful for the journey itself.

 As the journey itself, it taught me life is really a journey

I was going through ups and downs and became too impatient to see results for the work I involved myself in. Meditation helped me in the previous period to find the peace and be present. And now, particularly between the wacky and mundane, I remind myself to be still and practice meditation. It grants me more and more serenity as the days go on. It is the mental island of peace when you go to while you are chaos physically; it is the reinforcement of persistence while you are working toward your goals; and it is luxurious pursuit of being instead of the constant “will be” human nature.

It has been training my concentration ability

Often we find ourselves at the auto-pilot mode when we feel we are in control of our lives but in fact not. So many times I distract myself from the main task either it’s about meditation or just life in general. In meditation, my trainer told me to gently realize the distraction, accept it and bring the focus back. Doesn’t it sound familiar as a life advice? Indeed, I am training myself to be aware of the distractions, be accepting and gentle to change them. This strategy works way better for me than being angry and going back & forth with guilt.

Me moment, isn’t it important?

Before doing meditation regularly, it doesn’t seem to me that I would have time for myself everyday just to reflect and to be. I did know what that meant and the purpose of it. I do realize that when I relax by myself in nature or simply peacefully, it helps me to be at peace again in the “busy” life. After training myself consciously and mindfully with meditation, I aim more to be productive in life than busy; I enjoy the moment of being; I appreciate the spaciousness it offers me when life seemed impossible to be free; and it reminds me that I am free again.

How do I do it?

Since you are reading until now, I figure it can help to give you the picture how I do it. Firstly I must say that this technique is a combination of meditation and mindfulness: Every day before I get up, I lay in bed comfortably and start the process: For 15 minutes I move my focus slowly yet smoothly from head to toe and back. After this I chant for what I am grateful in my life for around 1 minute. Then I set the positive tone of the day by saying some self-affirmative statements. At last, I rest for around 5 minutes, visualizing favorite nature scenes or emptiness. This works for me perfectly after learning from many masterminds. I hope this helps you to build up your own system of meditation if now you become interested! Don’t shy away to share your experiences below.  

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After finishing school with the confidence to join the job market, Juannia suddenly had an existential crisis on the meanings of doing and started to search for her true calling. She realizes she always has cared for the environment besides her big love of music, so she is devoting her energy to be sustainable herself and at the same time sharing with others her journey.

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