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Jesse Elder: Mind Vitamin – Love

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October, 2017


No matter in life or work, we often look for a mentor who is more experienced in the field to guide us. Even though we have to listen to ourselves and make up our own mind eventually, good mentors can save us a lot of energy and time. Today I would like to introduce you a spiritual mentor, Jesse Elder. He has been a martial arts instructor for many years and throughout the years he has come up with the concept Mind Vitamin with video series to teach how people can conquer themselves. To conquer themselves implies using one’s ideas, mentality and action to be the pilot for his/her life.

“love is to let others voluntarily develop and evolve”

Today we are briefing one of the most important topics in Mind Vitamin, the meaning of love. Jesse translated the love he understood in one sentence:  love is to let others voluntarily develop and evolve. He further explained that if you do not let the person you love voluntarily choose or live his/her life, he or she has no way to be or do the real self, aka self-development. So the idea is that you do not impose your idealization on him/her on how he/she should be; you have faith in him/her to know and do what is best.  Whether or not they want to grow, is their choice.

Why am I sharing this food of thought with The Panda Tribe? Maybe his idea is idealistic, but it is worth thinking about. So many, even Albert Einstein has said the language of the universe is love. However, not everyone uses the same way to express love; when others love in a different way, we can not say they do not understand love or do not love us. At the same time, it is not rare when one imposes the idea of love to others and believes it is universally good. Regarding the different perspectives in love, the least and most one can do is to respect the choices of his/her beloved. If you hold sand too tightly in your hand, it can slip away. Many say the same applies to love, do you agree? 

You can check out Jesse’s website to see more of his work. We are by no means affiliated with him but we love to share things that inspire us. Whether you agree with this article or not, we would love to read your comments. Thank you! 

Disclaimer: The website of Jesse Elder is a representation of his own ideas and work, which do not reflect our own. 

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