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How to Make Your Life More Minimalistic and Sustainable – Serie 1. Toothpaste

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October, 2017


Why all the hassel for a toothpaste? Is it really worth it? 

Fluoride can harm your brain and body while it is easily found in daily life (Source 1; Source 2). For instance, many commercial products contain fluoride marketed as cleansing & strengthening ingredient. Toothpaste is one example.

According to Paul Vankevich, assistant professor of general dentistry at Tufts School of Dental Medicine, the fluoride contained toothpaste is more protective of teeth against acid. However not everybody is in need of fluoride as some people’s teeth are naturally resistant against acid. Nonetheless, fluoride is capable of damaging the brain according to over 300 researches. After embracing myself in all the researches to find out the truth, I decided to adapt an easier way of life: excluding the fluoride-contained toothpaste once for all for my daily products. And this is the reason of the article. 

“The easier way of life is…. Coconut oil.”

About The Author

Juannia Z.

After finishing school with the confidence to join the job market, Juannia suddenly had an existential crisis on the meanings of doing and started to search for her true calling. She realizes she always has cared for the environment besides her big love of music, so she is devoting her energy to be sustainable herself and at the same time sharing with others her journey.

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