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A minimalistic way to lift up your mood? Look No Further.

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January, 2017

Minimalistic Ways of Mood Lifting in Winter 

Look, we get it. These winter blues are easy to bring people down. We feel that too. If you are on the sunny side of the planet at the moment such as New Zealand and Australia, it is another story. Or if you are a consistently positive person who loves winter, you will be riding the winter wave easily. Anyway, many people resist winter due to various reasons. One reason is the lack of sunshine and one is lack of feasibility to move around compared with summer. Of course there are other reasons, such as your preference towards winter etc. etc. Anyway we do not want to talk about problems; we want to introduce solutions 😉

Recently Collective Evolution posted an article on happiness, saying how happiness is an inner job and introducing 7 ways to lift up your mood in the minimalistic ways from exercising, spending time with family & friends, sleeping more, living closer to work, being outside, practicing gratitude and meditating. We are a big fan of this website to expand our consciousness, check it out with your own critical thinking ;). 

We, The Panda Tribe, also have our solutions such as eating pumpkin seeds to balance nutrition, getting energy from these five natural drinks, taking a sustainable trip, meditation, and so on. 

Jazz Music Playlist for A Happy Soul 

And today, we have a playlist for you. We believe in the power of music and how it can rewire your brain. According to this article from BBC, music is capable of releasing mood- enhancing chemicals in the brain.  Isn’t music truly minimalistic for uplifting your mood? 😀 Next week, an interview with a mysterious professional musician will give you insight of his view on music 🙂 Stay tuned.

This jazzy playlist mainly features Beegie Adair, an American award-winning Jazz Pianist, quoted from her official site “ A Musician comes along with impeccable technique, deep understanding of the jazz repertoire, an innate tendency to swing and the rare ability to communicate the heart and soul of a tune to listeners”. Quoted from some critiques “Beegie’s piano work is very much like Sinatra’s vocal style-finely crafted, elegantly nonchalant, subtle yet interesting, and always swinging.” -Jazz and Blues News; American standards alive and kicking.”; Adair’s style is simple, direct and effective. Smooth sailing all the way.” -Cam Miller, The American Rag

Other than Beegie Adair, there are also other artists featured such as Pink Martini, Jack Jezzro, Pat Coil, Denis Solee. All in all,  this is our minimalistic zero-waste hack for mood elevation. Hopefully between swings, grooves and rhythms, it gives you a positive boost 😀

Here is the Spotify link for the playlist. You can also use the module below to listen. 


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

"Music is capable of releasing mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain."

 Fun Facts about Music.  from FactSlides

  1. Flowers can grow faster while listening to music;
  2. The type of music you listen to influences the way you perceive the world;
  3. Loud music can make a person drink more in less time;
  4. Listening to music while working out improves your performance.

Personal Benefits from Music 

I started piano lesson before 5-year-old, strict rules of practising was not my thing however I had to do it to learn the basics. Later on, when I dropped piano lessons after 10 years, I realized its benefits on me throughout the years. Music is related to feelings; you have to tune in yourself with emotions and intuition to grasp the beauty of different pieces. As the years pass by, I realize my nature is deeply connected to music, idealistic, sensitive yet I can be very perfectionist towards the things I enjoy. Intuition is also something I develop throughout the years thanks for music. Of course, I am not authoritative enough to speak lengthily on music, I just want to share my experiences of music with you and please do not hesitate to share your experiences with music below :). As mentioned, A professional musician will discuss his view on music on the upcoming interview post. Stay tuned!

Photo by Marcos Gallardo on Unsplash

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