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Vegan Cakes, Sara



Sara has her vegan cake business in the surreally metropolitan city Shanghai. This is a city that honors fine food and luxury restaurants, so how is her business doing here? Do people appreciate the fine taste? Or do people prefers the sugary branded gâteau ? Let us find out below. 

“I want to help people adopt healthier families, especially families with children while showing them compassion and love for animals and low carbon lifestyle.”

🐼:Could you describe us your (cake) biz?

👩🏽:We make healthy plant-based cakes with gluten free and sugar free options. 10% of our profits goes to charity such as events with a cause or animal shelters.

🐼:Why do you do it?

👩🏽:I have always had a sweet tooth since little and always concerned about health, everywhere I went in shanghai there were no vegan cakes around so I decided to make my own lol I started out of necessity. I want to help people adopt healthier families, especially families with children while showing them compassion and love for animals and low carbon lifestyle.

🐼:How have you come to the realization that living sustainably is important?

👩🏽:If I remember correctly it was the documentary “Cowspiracy” that hit me, there are so many environmental issues due to meat industry, then the more you research the more you realize that they way we are living today is not longer sustainable, by changing our habits we can lower our daily life footprint.

🐼:What are your strengths and how do you apply to the biz?

👩🏽:I follow a zero waste lifestyle, as much s I can. I try to reduce my plastic waste whenever possible, from my suppliers to our cake packaging for example as well as using seasonal and local ingredients.

🐼:What tips can you give to anyone who wants to embrace sustainable living?

👩🏽:Actions are everything, the moment you decide to buy a metal straw it becomes a habit. Just do it!!! People sometimes complain but never take action. Be involved in your community, people will always be interested in doing something for the environment, for the animals but don’t know where to start. Lead by example.

🐼:You are also vegan right; can you describe the vegan journey in one word? Why?

👩🏽:Life changing experience. I had already cut off my meat consumption when I was in France, following mostly a pesquetarian diet and no milk. Then when I moved to China I only had egg and yogurt When I saw Cowspiracy I quit all animal foods. Back in 2016, I was helping Green initiatives with their campaign’ treat without meat’ inviting people to treat a friend with a meatless meal ( you can actually save 800 liters of water) every time you avoid meat on a given meal. One time on a veggie WeChat group, some guys were complaining that there was no vegan festival in Shanghai yet when in HK people were celebrating their 4th festival. So I said ‘WHY DON’T WE ORGANIZE ONE’, like many people, they want change, but nobody takes action. Together with Holy(UK), Shohbit (India), Lin(USA) and Wuding Song(Shanghai from Veggiedorm ) we spent our time and resources to organize the first vegan festival in Shanghai, with approximately 2500 people in one day festival. It was magical. Thereafter, Only me and Wuding remained and since then I fully support Veggiedorm and Wuding, to organize 2 awareness festivals in Shanghai : EARTHFESTIVAL & VEGAN FESTIVAL (PLANTOPIA).

🐼:Can you share with us your personal sustainability dream?

👩🏽:I don’t think it’s a dream but a reality in the near future. when China imposes fines to their citizens if they don’t sort their trash like in Germany for example or that People reduce their plastic waste and change their food waste habits. I hate food waste above all. There is so much work to do when it comes to bringing awareness in our beautiful city. Together as a community we can make a greener Shanghai.

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